Coletta & Wight offers a novel, practical approach to business continuity planning and management. Through our unique methodology, we provide:

Advice and support in properly planning for, and then managing, the recovery process after a disruptive event.
An emphasis on developing pathways to sustain the delivery of products and services to internal and external customers.
Guidance in developing recovery actions that protect an organization's reputation, market share, and stakeholder value.


What's different about our methodology? Quite a few things actually...read the six snippets below for

more detail:


We've included several pages on our website that are intended to stimulate discussion and, possibly, a bit of controversy:

  Planning Basics - a general review of what business continuity planning is all about.
  Planning Issues - thoughts on what's gone wrong in past business continuity planning efforts.
  Plan Checklist - eight points to challenge the integrity of an existing plan.
  Our Services - an overview of what we do and how we do it.


Please enjoy viewing our website... and, for further information, contact us directly.


Jerry Coletta, Managing Partner

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