Planning Basics

An effective BCP should be able to respond successfully to a multitude of disruptions...

Aircraft event

Biological/chemical contamination

Bomb/terrorist threat

Civil disorder


Fire and explosion


Hazmat spill or leak

Hurricane, tornado

IT disruption

Infectious disease


Labor disruption

Loss of critical assets

Loss of critical suppliers

Product performance issues

Transportation accident

Utility outage

Workplace violence


A business continuity plan [a BCP] should be a well thought-out, leadership-level business plan designed to minimize the impact on customers in the aftermath of a disruptive event. A BCP should focus on safeguarding personnel, preserving and safeguarding assets, supporting customers, sustaining market share, and protecting an organization's reputation...all while maintaining stakeholder value.


An effective plan should be robust, easy to access and easy to use, while still providing significant depth and substance.


An internal business continuity management team/crisis management team should be able to respond quickly and function as a well-oiled machine in activating plan elements, not simply perform as a group of managers thrown together to deal in silos with another set of daily problems. Both of these facts should be clearly demonstrated in periodic table-top simulations.


Developing resiliency via an effective continuity plan works best as a collaborative effort, tapping into the "tribal knowledge" of an organization's management team to fashion a foundation for the plan and its implementation. Close collaboration with leadership is essential - no consultant or internal planning process can produce a topnotch product without it.   


An effective plan should also have the following characteristics:

                                                                                                                                    click on the arrows below to

Does your BCP meet these expectations? Take a good look at your current plan – contact us and let’s review it together. Or, if you don’t have a plan, let us help you develop one.