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A proven methodology tested by clients for over 25 years


Coletta & Wight's unique graphics-based methodology results in strategy-infused, action-oriented, easy-to-use plans that work well in responding to a wide range of disruptive events. In hard-copy format, our plans usually fit within a binder that is no more than an inch thick. In electronic format, our plans are converted from Microsoft Office documents into easy-to-use pdf files. Regardless of the format, these plans can be deployed rapidly at any time, anywhere. Information on the what, where, when, who, and why can be accessed quickly in responding to situations ranging from minor interruptions to major catastrophes.


As implied by the graphic at the top of the page, our methodology produces a work product that integrates four components that should be addressed in an effective continuity plan: emergency response, crisis management (with an emphasis on communications), operations recovery, and strategic supporting information. The last three are by far the most important components.


The planning process need not be overbearing or stretched over an unreasonable time period. In fact, with proper executive-level support and scheduling, a plan can be developed for a relatively complex facility in 6 to 8 months or less at a reasonable cost without overly burdening participating managers.


 Our clients have found the following C&W services to be of value:

  • Full plan creation and deployment, taking a client from plan inception through table-top simulations and then roll-out through the organization.
  • Development of a recovery strategy, a one-off project aimed at clarifying an effective approach to resuming business functionality after a major disruption.
  • Conducting risk assessments of mission-critical processes and activities, with the objective of recommending mitigations for substantive risks identified.
  • Reviews of existing plans, including on-site meetings, followed by written findings and recommendations for enhancement.
  • Testing existing plans against specific table-top simulation scenarios, helping to further challenge individual plans and reveal any gaps or weaknesses that should be addressed.
  • Tailored training programs, focusing on such needs as (1) developing in-house 'BCP champions' for effectively creating and deploying plans simultaneously at multiple sites, or (2) conducting multi-group training and plan development sessions, especially for small- to mid-sized organizations restricted by scarce resources.



Coletta & Wight partners with clients around the world to support the development of business continuity plans. We have worked in North and South America, Europe, and Asia in Aerospace, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Commercial Media, Electronics, Finance, Gaming, Health Care, High-Technology, Plastics, and Retail and Distribution.

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